Spring hiking 2014

Spring is a beautiful time to hike in the East Bay. We did not get much rain in the winter of 2013 and it was warmer than previous years. Our first hike of the year was Mt Diablo in mid-Feb. It was green and gorgeous and spring flowers were starting to bud. We packed a Subway lunch and enjoyed a leisurely hike, vowing to come back again soon when the wildflowers were in full bloom.


Our next hike was towards the end of March. One Sunday after a wonderful brunch at the Peasant and the Pear, we decided to explore Briones Regional Park in Martinez, CA. At first we thought we’d just lay in the sun but when we got to the park, we couldn’t help but go exploring. The rolling green hills were gorgeous! We even got up close and personal with grazing cows and a wild coyote. A few California poppies were already peeping out and we made a resolve to go check out the wild flowers on Mt Diablo later. Given the fire last year on Diablo, experts had predicted there would be rare and abundant wildflowers this spring. DSC_2796DSC_2853

On Sri’s birthday weekend, we decided to go back to Diablo to hike up to Mount Olympia. We parked off Marsh Creek Road at the beginning of Three Springs Road. We hiked up the Olympia Trail, a narrow trail that was fairly steep and lined with wildflowers. I’ve never seen so many types and colors of wildflowers! Here are some I think I’ve recognized –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We rested near the top of Mount Olympia where burnt tree stumps from last year’s fire provided a stunning background to fields of poppies and lupine. The old had made way for the new. A very memorable hike in Diablo. DSC_3135


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